November 2016!

I am very excited to have launched my online Childcare business!

When I started my in-home childcare 7 years there was no tools given to me on how to run my childcare business, from the daily running’s, marketing and branding.  I felt a little lost, and overwhelmed.  I soon realised that I was not alone, even though my childcare was supported by a provider, I didn’t want to put the generic signs out, sit back and wait. I knew I had to be different. Very soon I had created a successful home based childcare business that is still thriving.

I am passionate about quality childcare for all pre-schoolers and My hope is to encourage more people to start their own childcare and to lift the current standard in many educators. I don’t want educators to feel alone and lost in what can and often be the case.

From time to time the media have published negative reports about the quality of care from home based educators and I want to help disperse this notion by providing educators with the needed knowledge and know how to do just that.  I want parents to move towards home based care as their first option, to feel comfortable and have the trust that their children are in a high standard of care and realise the importance of a small ratio, where there’s close attention to each child’s needs.

Gabrielle Fletcher

July 2016

Hello everyone! it's sure getting chilly now, the extra layers of clothes are on for sure.

This month is super exciting for our family as two of our children are performing in High School Musical at the Civic Theater in Auckland, the best Theater in NZ!!! What a fantastic experience for them both and what proud parents we are.

If you are looking for Childcare I currently have 1 space available for an "over 2" on Wednesday, please get in touch and we can have a chat.

I have started my Facebook page for Gab's Childcare, if you would like to keep up-to date with Childcare related topics which include things likes, availability, articles, tips, parenting, photos and more than please go to my page and "LIKE" to stay in touch.  I would love to hear your thoughts and experiences so please pop on over.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.


 1st January 2016!

Happy New Year to you all.  What a fantastic year 2015 was.  I have been slack in writing posts on my site but this year I am going to change that.
I am grateful for another great year with my Childcare business, which had a few changes from my end.  I stopped running the Time Out evenings and still haven't decided where they will run again and I also reduced my Childcare days down from 4 to 3, Tues-Thurs.  By doing this I had more time to do things for myself and exercise was a big part in that, but running a household of 5 people also involves a lot of planning and organising.  So over all things don't stop.

I do like to stay busy and find it hard to slow down and rest, its just not in my nature but I know I have to do this otherwise I end up feeling warn out.

So this year I am dedicated it to myself, my family, and my childcare business.  Health and exercise is where it starts for me, as long as we are healthy we have everything!

Again during 2015 I had wonderful families in my care and its always hard to farewell the children who move on, but I celebrate with them there next move in life, its all part of growing up.  I am grateful for such great families I see who come and go through the years and I know this year will continue to be the same.

I wish you all the best for 2016 and hope it brings you everything you hope for- for things to change lets start making plans now otherwise tomorrow will be the same as today.

See you soon


I found this poem and just love it. It reminds me of the children I currently look after and have looked after over the last 6 years. It is true i'm not the parent but my role as a child-care minder is just as important.  I have an important role in teaching the children how to be confident, independent, respectful, caring and to share.  It means everything when the children are happy in care and get excited to come to "Gab's house" every child is special and have their own great qualities.  I feel grateful to be part of their important years.  Thank you to all the parents who have brought there special little people to me.

Christmas Hampers 2014

October last year I decided I wanted to give back to families who were struggling around the Christmas period.  So I asked my childcare families if they would like to donate goods for a hamper, they were all very forthcoming and started to bring me grocery items.  This then lead me to post this on facebook

"Gab's Childcare" would like to give back to families in the community who are struggling with food bills. I am hoping to collect non-perishable items over the next few months and make up boxes for a number of families who will receive these around the Christmas period. However, for me to do this, I need you help! Would you like to donate maybe one, or two or even a bag of items, i.e. cans, pasta, rice ect, Every bit helps but for this to work I need as many families to help me. I appreciate it so much, and I know the families will be overwhelmed with the kindness.
Please help spread the word.

Drop off can be anytime, or happy to pick up, please pm me
Thank you!!!!

I was blown away by the response, food, toiletries and general house hold items started to roll init was amazing how many people wanted to help others. Just shows there are many good people in this world.

To my surprise I had a call from North shore times, they had heard of my Christmas collection and wanted to help spread the word also.  So I was interviewed and more items were delivered because of there help.

Check it out here!
Gab's childcare Christmas Beachhaven

The result was amazing, So we ended up helping 6 families, with many members in each house hold.  Here are some photos to show you.

Gab's home based care Christmas Hampers 2014
Gab's home based childcare Christmas Hampers 2014

 I apologise this post has been so late to send out, but I am very thankful to everyone who helped this make this so successful, without YOU this would not have happened. Thank you from "Gabschildcare"

Come on Mr Reynolds

Could't believe when I heard what Peter Reynolds comments were on early childcare, following the release of 2014 Budget last week I read some comments from Early Childhood Council Chief Executive, Peter Reynolds, which I take offence to as it undermines me and the important work that I do.
His comment,
 "Home-based or play-group-style services in which children were minded by unqualified staff were not the same as centre-based services in which they were educated and given the best start in life by qualified teachers",
This is a sweeping generalisation and just not true! I read Mr Reynolds has said this to further his own business interests in centre-based services – and is not looking at what is best for our under five year olds!
I believe that each family have the right to choose the right childcare solution for their child, and for someone who is meant to advocate for early childhood education to completely dismiss home-based is so wrong in many ways.
Has he visited any home-based providers? Mr Reynolds obviously does not know the facts of the brain developing in the early years and how important they are.  Nathan Wallis talks about the importance of brain, here is what Nathan says
" Modern day science now supports olden day wisdom; what is best for a baby in the first years of life is the unreserved love and commitment of at least one adult. We know that the brain connections are driven by attachment in the first year of life; a baby’s brain is firing and wiring in response to their most important relationships. Without the unconditional love of at least one adult a baby may or may not survive but he/she certainly won’t thrive. The bond between the mother (or father) and their baby in that first year is paramount. 
The early attachment between parents and their baby creates a foundation for that child’s future relationships with others. Smiling, singing, touching and cuddling as part of attuned, responsive care is necessary to develop this part of the brain. Close, loving physical touch is crucially important. These things allow the child to develop the brain connections needed to feel empathy and care for others– an important prerequisite for healthy functioning as an adult."
What are your views on this??


I’m excited to announce a new service that will launch on Saturday 25th Jan 2014 called “Time out”. And I don’t mean sitting you on the naughty step to think about your actions!, no this is going to be a service for you as a parent to do whatever you like, child FREE.
The idea came from my own experience and not being able to have many dates with my husband due to not having family help.  Aaron and I always did everything with our children and still do most of the time, but at times we just want to go out as a couple, it’s great for the relationship and makes you better parents.
To be the best parent you can be some “me” time is needed, take your spouse for dinner, or hang out with your friends at a BBQ and catch up or simply stay home with your feet up, a movie and takeaways, basically do whatever you want to recharge your batteries and have that “Time out”
I am planning to run this service once a month and will advice of date at least 3 weeks in advance. This will always be on a Saturday evening.

-Times from 5pm-9.30pm (Saturdays)
-Childs dinner included
-kids/family movie
-hang out with the Fletcher family
-$25 per child or $40 for 2 children/low cost so no excuses!

Let me know if you would like to book!

P.S This service is in addition to my babysitting, weekends and overnights.
Gab’s Childcare


"My Ella"
Wow, last week I went to a very informative evening about Brain Research with
Nathan Mikaere-Wallis. He talked about brain development and its implications for learning. The main things I got from the evening were when Nathan talked about how important the first 3 years of a child's life is and that mum should be home with the child having that closeness and talking.
He talked about this society where we are conditioned to send our children to large day care centres, you hear parents saying things like, its good for there development, they will be socialised and they love it. I Started thinking about the early years when I was home with my children, how much did I talk to them? I guess we know its common since that children thrive best when home with there parent in the early years, its just sad that so many parents feel they have to rush back to work and feel child care centre's are the only option. After listening to Nathan, I realised I did the best I could for my children being home with them and confirms the importance of my job looking after other children in my home. Children are over stimulated and being in the ratio of 4 children in the home, it’s the next best thing from home, its "home from home"! I highly recommend going along to a seminar of Nathan's if you can, I just wish the seminar was longer. The brain is amazing. Here is an article about choosing quality childcare.

Click here to read more

Baking With Kids!

I had such a fun time with Francesca, Eli and Lexi baking biscuits. They were all keen to wear there chef outfits and mix away. Eli was excited about the "raw sugar" and keeps saying Roar, Francesca could not wait to pour the ingredients in the bowl and Lexi enjoyed greasing the trays. It makes you realise the simple things in life we do with our children are the best and so rewarding but also learning basic skills. The children would all count with me when we measured out the flour and they had fun counting the biscuits out onto the trays.

Try and make time to bake with your children.

Childcare - The Dilemma Facing Most Young Families

In our modern society most families have both parents working. In single parent families the lone parent has no option but to work. But...who looks after the kids?

Parents looking for day care for their children have some options;

1.) Stay at home and look after the kids
2.) Work when your partner is home to look after the kids (Now there's a recipe for a short relationship!)
3.) Put the children into a crèche, or kindergarten during working hours
4.) Find a live-in Nanny
5.) Put your child in Home Based Childcare
6.) Hit on brothers, sisters and parents to look after the children

Staying at home with the kids sounds a good idea at first, but then you soon find that you can't afford the most basic luxury items that your kids want. "Other kids have them why can't I?" is the usual refrain. Adults also need other adult conversation that is not about kids, and work is the place where this is most easily found.

I know people who have tried option 2, with one partner working days and the other nights. Don't even go there. Love life? Forget it, your relationship will soon be in tatters.

Crèche, and kindergarten childcare is very limited. Many parents find that there is not enough time to work unless you have something local and part time.  Depending on your income Government subsidys can cover these costs or it will be donation based.

Live-in Nanny? Well au pair then. Au pairs can still be found, but are notoriously unreliable. It might be a good idea to sign up with an au pair agency to help you with this.

Childminders look after your kids in the childminder's home. All you have to do is drop them off and pick them up again. Finding a childminder with a similar outlook to your own is a good idea.  With home based Childcare your child is less likely to become ill like daycare centres. If the childminder is ill or closed due to holidays, then back up care can be arranged.

Finding relatives to look after your kids may be difficult, unless you have a turn and turn about arrangement that allows both sets of parents the opportunity for paid employment.