Come back sun!

I had a great week and really enjoyed having the sunny days.  On Thursday we walked to our local beach in Beachhaven, the kids loved it, getting there feet wet, playing in the sand and finding crabs.  I'm not sure if Oscar had put his feet in sand before he was a little unsure. I love exposing the kids to new things and encouraging them to give things ago.

I'm excited I have been asked to look after a 3 month old next year, today I have a 8 week old, he is just gorgeous, forget how little they are and how fast they grow up. I miss my kids being babies, sure feels like a long time ago.
What's your favourite memory when your child was a baby?
So tonight I have a babysitting job booked and two more next week, good excuse to get some reading done. Do you find much time to read?

Anyway talk soon


  1. yes they sure do, maybe have your self a glass of wine and put your feet uo you deserve it.

    Love you
    Aaron xx

  2. They do and I miss that, Im sure if you were here i would of had an army of children if you were here as I could of went to work and not had a worry, knowing that my children would of been well cared for and educated as well.
    keep up the good work.
    miss you.x

    1. Hey Sol,
      Thanks for that! you can move to NZ and I'll look after your kids! talk soon Gab x