Meal Times

Just thought I would share this photo of the children and my kids having afternoon tea together.  Today Jaxon's mum told me how happy she is that Jaxon comes home with an empty lunch box.  The children eat so well when they sit down at meal times. They wait for each other to finish before leaving the table, which encourages eating, patience and they love to have "toddler chat".  It reminds me how important it is to sit down as a family at dinner time, which can be difficult when my kids are at different activities, but we will do it as many times during the week as we can.  Studies even show that families who eat together benefit in a number of ways.  Eating together helps families communicate better and build stronger relationships, children do better in school and are better adjusted as teens and adults, and not to forget the entire family enjoys better nutrition.
How often do you sit down as a family?

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  1. Well written Gab, Its true what they say ' A family that eats together, stays together ' !