"My Ella"
Wow, last week I went to a very informative evening about Brain Research with
Nathan Mikaere-Wallis. He talked about brain development and its implications for learning. The main things I got from the evening were when Nathan talked about how important the first 3 years of a child's life is and that mum should be home with the child having that closeness and talking.
He talked about this society where we are conditioned to send our children to large day care centres, you hear parents saying things like, its good for there development, they will be socialised and they love it. I Started thinking about the early years when I was home with my children, how much did I talk to them? I guess we know its common since that children thrive best when home with there parent in the early years, its just sad that so many parents feel they have to rush back to work and feel child care centre's are the only option. After listening to Nathan, I realised I did the best I could for my children being home with them and confirms the importance of my job looking after other children in my home. Children are over stimulated and being in the ratio of 4 children in the home, it’s the next best thing from home, its "home from home"! I highly recommend going along to a seminar of Nathan's if you can, I just wish the seminar was longer. The brain is amazing. Here is an article about choosing quality childcare.

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