I’m excited to announce a new service that will launch on Saturday 25th Jan 2014 called “Time out”. And I don’t mean sitting you on the naughty step to think about your actions!, no this is going to be a service for you as a parent to do whatever you like, child FREE.
The idea came from my own experience and not being able to have many dates with my husband due to not having family help.  Aaron and I always did everything with our children and still do most of the time, but at times we just want to go out as a couple, it’s great for the relationship and makes you better parents.
To be the best parent you can be some “me” time is needed, take your spouse for dinner, or hang out with your friends at a BBQ and catch up or simply stay home with your feet up, a movie and takeaways, basically do whatever you want to recharge your batteries and have that “Time out”
I am planning to run this service once a month and will advice of date at least 3 weeks in advance. This will always be on a Saturday evening.

-Times from 5pm-9.30pm (Saturdays)
-Childs dinner included
-kids/family movie
-hang out with the Fletcher family
-$25 per child or $40 for 2 children/low cost so no excuses!

Let me know if you would like to book!

P.S This service is in addition to my babysitting, weekends and overnights.
Gab’s Childcare

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  1. My next TIME OUT is Saturday Feb 22nd!!! send me an email if you wold like to book gab@gabschildcare.co.nz look forward to hearing from you