1st January 2016!

Happy New Year to you all.  What a fantastic year 2015 was.  I have been slack in writing posts on my site but this year I am going to change that.
I am grateful for another great year with my Childcare business, which had a few changes from my end.  I stopped running the Time Out evenings and still haven't decided where they will run again and I also reduced my Childcare days down from 4 to 3, Tues-Thurs.  By doing this I had more time to do things for myself and exercise was a big part in that, but running a household of 5 people also involves a lot of planning and organising.  So over all things don't stop.

I do like to stay busy and find it hard to slow down and rest, its just not in my nature but I know I have to do this otherwise I end up feeling warn out.

So this year I am dedicated it to myself, my family, and my childcare business.  Health and exercise is where it starts for me, as long as we are healthy we have everything!

Again during 2015 I had wonderful families in my care and its always hard to farewell the children who move on, but I celebrate with them there next move in life, its all part of growing up.  I am grateful for such great families I see who come and go through the years and I know this year will continue to be the same.

I wish you all the best for 2016 and hope it brings you everything you hope for- for things to change lets start making plans now otherwise tomorrow will be the same as today.

See you soon


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