November 2016!

I am very excited to have launched my online Childcare business!

When I started my in-home childcare 7 years there was no tools given to me on how to run my childcare business, from the daily running’s, marketing and branding.  I felt a little lost, and overwhelmed.  I soon realised that I was not alone, even though my childcare was supported by a provider, I didn’t want to put the generic signs out, sit back and wait. I knew I had to be different. Very soon I had created a successful home based childcare business that is still thriving.

I am passionate about quality childcare for all pre-schoolers and My hope is to encourage more people to start their own childcare and to lift the current standard in many educators. I don’t want educators to feel alone and lost in what can and often be the case.

From time to time the media have published negative reports about the quality of care from home based educators and I want to help disperse this notion by providing educators with the needed knowledge and know how to do just that.  I want parents to move towards home based care as their first option, to feel comfortable and have the trust that their children are in a high standard of care and realise the importance of a small ratio, where there’s close attention to each child’s needs.

Gabrielle Fletcher

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