10th November 2016

Gab has been looking after Willow for two years, and now she is off to kindy it is so hard to move on! Willow was only 18 months when she started with Gab, just a baby really and Gab took her on like she was one of her own children. Willow responded to Gab’s calm and loving approach immediately and they became fast friends. Gab’s biggest strength is the independence she fosters in the children in her care. We soon noticed that Willow knew how to wait by the car when she got out, how to stand in a line, how to put on her shoes and how to vocalise what she needed - much earlier than we had anticipated. Willow learned how to be caring towards other children and how to join in games and make friends. She has always been so excited it’s ‘Gabby Day’ and is full of stories to share with Gab. I am so grateful that our youngest, Florence, will be starting with Gabby next year and get to experience all of the wonderful outings and activities that Gab plans for her students. It is a wonderful thing to have someone care for your children as much as you do. We can’t recommend Gab highly enough.

James and Monique Doy

17th October 2016

Gab has taken great care of my third child. I've said to her many times, I so wish I had found her for my first two! I finally got childcare nailed with Gab. Ryan was so happy with her and the other kids. He would come home with many stories from all his adventures with his friends. I was always reassured that he got hugs, sleep, and attention when he needed it. I HIGHLY recommend Gab's Childcare. 5 stars! Thank you Gab. Xoxoxox

Nigel and Nykie Grove-Eades


14th April 2016

Zack immediately felt comfortable going to Gabs especially as his sister went there before him. He loved seeing his new friends & going to the many activities. Thank you Gab for looking after Zack & making him feel at home. 

Lee and Jade Paddock

3rd March 2016

What an amazing 6 years it has been .  I cannot believe we are leaving you! Thank you for all the great work over the years.  Both boys have absolutely loved their time with you.  You have been the best! We could not have asked for a better person to look after our boys and we are so grateful for all the time, effort and love you have given to our children. 

Amiee Faesen Kloet


3rd March 2016

Gab, Aaron, Braidon, Tyler and Ella- Thank you guys all so much for welcoming our boys into your family and giving them so many wonderful, fun and educational experiences.

An african proverb says that "it takes a village to raise a child" and you guys are living proof of this.

Gab- we were so lucky to find you and you have exceeded all expectations of what we thought early childcare was.  Thanks so much for playing such an important role into the development of our boys and of course for making sure that they had lots of fun and made lots of friends along the way.

Dane Faesen Kloet

27th October 2015

Our daughter Eva started at Gab’s this year when she was just 8 months old.  She took her sister Lexi’s spot who had been with Gab for nearly 3 years.  Gab is so great with the kids and both of my daughters immediately felt like they were at a second home and were settled and happy.  I love how Gab takes the kids to different activities daily and also on lots of excursions and treats the kids like one of her own.  I have always felt confident in leaving the girls with Gab and would recommend her to anyone.  We were very lucky to find her!

Kirk and Rachael Albert

--- -- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
25th July 2015

Ohh what a bittersweet day it was for us all when Jake ended his time with Gab. On one hand we knew our son was well prepared and ready for kindy after his time with her, but on the other hand it was so sad to be leaving. As a family we have all enjoyed the community of Gabs Childcare so much over the two years Jake was there, and knew it would be no small loss to say goodbye.

As parents it has been hugely comforting to know that Jake was safe and happy every day he spent in Gabs care. We could relax when we dropped him off and we knew that more than anything, he was loved and looked after while he wasn't with us. Any parent would agree that having that peace of mind is vitally important.

Jake went from our "bubba" to a "big boy" under Gabs watchful care. She has supported and guided us through many of the milestones of young childhood, quick with helpful advice but respectful of personal beliefs and preferences. Gabs has often been our sounding board and we cannot thank her enough for her time and energy over the years.

The best reference for Gabrielle is her family. The family dynamic is amazing and the attentive and generous nature of her own children is inspiring. Her big kids play so generously with the children in Gabs care, and Jake has flourished being friends with them all.

From the Zoo to Snowplanet, Museums and Playgroups, Jake has had many adventures these past two years, but I have to say that watching the kids at story time in the afternoon, giving each other cuddles, is probably the best part. Everyone under Gabs care become friends. Gabs fosters a kind and sharing environment, just what your young children need. They also get plenty of muddy puddles and tumbles too, a great balance!

I think my husband summed it up perfectly when on Jakes last day he said "two years and not one bad day".

Liz, Dom, Jake and Felix.

8th July 2015

There was never a question for us about where we would send Eli when I was ready to return to work. At 15 moths he was enrolled with Gab 3 days a week where he stayed until he was 3 and half before moving to kindy.
During that time Eli had experiences, gained independence and made friends all under Gabs care.  Gabs is like a home away from home, there Eli still had all the weekly outings (play groups, music, trips) he would have had a home but go to experience these with a small group of friends.
Gab home is warm, welcoming and equipped with everything and inquiry child needs. Gab sets up activities and experiences to challenge and encourage. She forms relationships that ensure children feel safe and happy.
During the time he was there Gab supported us with Elis nap schedules, toilet training and other milestones. This was communicated regularly through he book, phone calls, text, emails, and Gabs website. I loved getting photos and messages throughout the day of what Eli was up to and I knew he was having an awesome time.
I recommend Gab’s childcare to anyone looking for somewhere safe and nurturing to send their child.

Rebecca Osborne

3rd June 2015

Lexi has just recently left Gabs Childcare after just under 3 years of care.  Now my 11 month old Eva goes there and has done since she was 8 months old.  From the moment I met Gab, I felt immediately at ease and knew my kids would be fine. She is such a capable person and treats the kids in her care, like one of her own.  I love how everyone in her family has a connection with the kids too.   She has always been settled there and loves the home environment along with the great outings Gab takes the kids to.  I have complete trust in her and would recommend her to anyone

Rachael and Kirk Albert

16th April 2015

Our little girl was in Gabs care for about a year & she loved every moment of it, from the friends she has made to Gabs exceptional care.

Throughout that time Gab demonstrated her natural report with kids, which extended to supporting us with the challenges of toilet training & ideas to make a threenager happy.

Gab provides a tidy home & kid friendly environment. We felt completely at ease leaving our daughter with her each day.

We really appreciate everything Gab has done for us & we hope to have our son going to her when he's old enough

Jade and Lee Paddock

19th December 2014

Gab has cared for our son for almost 2 years. During this time we have
really enjoyed getting to know Gab and her lovely family. She provides
a loving and child friendly atmosphere at her home and is very
attentive to the needs of our son. She even goes the extra mile to
produce photos and videos of their activities together. We can't
recommend Gab highly enough and are looking forward to our second
child joining Gabs care late next year!

Bridget McConnochie & Craig Jakich

June 5th 2014

" Gabie is a wonderful, genuine carer with a huge love for family and the community. She welcomed luca into her home with open arms and has always shown interest in his wellbeing, even outside of the time he was in her care. Gabie Always makes the day interesting and stimulating with lots of activities and outings, recording the details in the Porse diary and posting photos both on her blog and Facebook so as parents we can still feel involved. Luca and I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know the fletcher family and are thrilled to have made some great new friends!"

Stacey Betts
9th May 2014

It was really hard to make the decision to go back to work and although I only needed to go back part time I had to know that our little man Jaxon was in the best possible hands. I had my mind set on having him in a small environment, somewhere homely and where I knew he could get as much one on one attention as possible. Gabs childcare totally exceeded my expectations and the transition from being at home with mummy to leaving him behind to go off to work couldn't have been any smoother. Gab is one of a kind, firstly she is a mother herself and a damn good one and secondly she continued to keep me informed of everything that went on in Jaxons day and treated him as if he was one of her own children. I will be forever thankful for the parenting advice, the good chats and the happy little boy that I picked up each day. Thanks Gabs Childcare.. Im sure we will be back with number two in the near future. 

Emily and Ash Inch
1st September 2013

Hi All,

My son,oscar,went to Gabrielle's home care when he was 17 months old.As a new mum, you know, it is so hard let someone else to take care of my precious baby.But few weeks later i did not worry it at all because everytime i went to her place to pick up boy i always can see a big smile on my boy's face. What a big relief!! Sadly, oscar is turn to a big boy now so he goes to the fulltime daycare center but my daughter will go to Gab's care on Octerber so all of my family can't wait to see it happens.

Here is a big thanks from Oscar's family.

Best Regards

Fan's Family
17th August 2013

Gab looked after our son Ollie for three years. The care over the years consisted of 1-2 full days per week, over nights and babysitting.

Ollie was 7 months old when he started at Gab’s. Ollie and Gab quickly developed a very good relationship and he loved going to her house. Ollie really trusted and loved Gab which was very important to us. She made sure that she did an outing with the children every day and made sure the days were fun!

We found Gab to be welcoming, confident, fun, caring, calm, positive and supportive.  These were all the great qualities that we were looking for in a carer. One of the other things we loved about Gab’s was how clean her house was and how she took pride in it

Thank you Gab for doing a wonderful job at looking after our son. We trusted you 100% and have no hesitation in recommending you to future families.

Dane and Amiee Faesen Kloet
10th May 2013

Gabrielle has cared for Te Ahu from January to May 2013, when he started school.  Although this has only been short it has been fun enjoyable time for Te Ahu.  He settled very quickly as Gab is so calm and welcoming and he has always gone very happily in the mornings, unlike previous child care arrangements.  He comes home full of things to share about his day.  I have loved that Gab has the children out doing things in the week like music and playgroup.  This has been great  for my son who has enjoyed socializing and gained confidence in new situations.  I felt confident leaving him in her care as I knew he was happy and safe. Te Ahu has had a fantastic few months with Gab and I very happily recommend her.

Thank you

6th February 2013

Gab has looked after my 21 month old for almost one year now and I would highly recommend her. She always gets out into the community and offers the children a variety of experiences. 
I particularly like the fact that Jaegan has had the chance to socialise with other children including her children when they return home from school.
Gab has been really supportive and I have really valued her advice. She offers such a relaxed welcoming environment that I find myself staying and chatting for ages, and of course my son feels so much 'at home' that he is often reluctant to leave at the end of the day. Thank you so much Gab, we will miss you. 
Ronnie Chitty

23rd January 2013

To whom it may concern

Gabrielle Fletcher has looked after our 3 year old daughter Amelia since she was 19 months old.  She has looked after her one day a week since 2011.

Having 3 children of her own, we have found Gabrielle to be a confident, friendly and experienced home educator.  She has taken Amelia and the other children in her care to playgroups, the park, beach
and other social outings.  She makes things really fun for the children and has a great outdoor space for play and a large indoor area for creative play too.  She also teaches the children manners and conversation skills.
I would not hesitate to recommend Gabrielle to anyone looking for childcare.
Kind Regards
The Whittaker family

13th December 2012

"Gabbys daycare has been the best thing for our daughter, Kiara-Lee. She always came home talking and boasting about her day with Gabby. She always kept us updated and we always knew Kiara was well cared for!
Gabby, Aaron and the kids are all so lovely and gorgeous and we are so glad Kiara got to be apart of there day!
We are so sad to have to leave Gabby and Kiara is still talking about gabbys!
Thank you so much Gabby and family for all that you have done for Kiara-Lee xx

Kind regards
Stacey, Jacques and Kiara-Lee


3rd December 2012

As a relief teacher Term 4 is a very busy time at schools so we were needing extra care for our 18 month old daughter Francesca while I worked more days.  Fortunately for us Gab had space available and was flexible and accomodating to our needs.  She runs a very professional yet personable service for families and is always super organised.  Francesca absolutely loved going to her house and would often talk about Gabby and her children at home.  Seeing her excited face when she knew it was a "Gabby day"  was very reassuring to me that she was being well taken care of.  I have felt so relaxed and comfortable leaving Francesca in Gab's care and we have our fingers crossed that when those busy school times start again she will have a space for us!

Charlotte Meale
25th October 2012

Sam, our little boy of 2 years settled straight in with Gab - from the moment he walked into her garden and was welcomed by her lovely family.

Gab has cared for Sam as a home educator two days a week, on a weekend and occasional overnight stays at her house.  Sam loves every minute of the time he spends at Gab’s house – it’s often difficult to get him away!

We wouldn’t trust Sam this way with anyone else and feel really luck to have found her – we only wish we had found her sooner!

Helen and Chris

31st May 2012

Gabrielle Fletcher was my son, Alex's childminder through PORSE from Sept 2010 when he was 7 months old until May 2012. We would highly recommend Gab as a carer. She was fantastic in everyway with Alex and we have really seen him grow into a confident boy. The bond Alex had with Gab was really special and he really enjoyed his day's at Gabs. The bonus of being around Gabs older children was great and meant he got to socialise with older children too.

Gab was great at getting the children out to morning activities and I was always amazed at her confidence of taking the children on big outings to the zoo etc. She was always putting Alex's needs first and it was so nice to go to work and know he was being well looked after.

We wish Gab all the best.

Nicky and Richard Davis


25 January 2012

To Whom it May Concern

Gabrielle Fletcher was a Porse carer for my 3 year old child Sienna for a year from December 2010 to November 2011. We were already familiar with Gabrielle who had  cared for our older daughter previously and we had no hesitation in using her services again.

Gabrielle's energy and enthusiasm really lend themselves to her role as a carer and I truly appreciate the loving care she has provided. Sienna was able to bond with her quickly and I felt totally confident knowing that Gabrielle would provide exactly what Sienna required during the day.

We no longer require Gabby's services as a carer as our daughters now both attend kindergarten. The friendship we have built over the past few years remains and I hold her in high regard both professionally and personally.

Yours sincerely,

 Kerrin Hunter


17 January 2011

To whom it may Concern,

Gab Fletcher was the child care educator for my son Kaleb from March 2010 to November 2010.  She looked after him for 2 days each week from when he was 11months old.
I have been extremely happy with the care Kaleb received, and the great progress he has made whilst in Gab’s care. Her home is always welcoming, clean and well organised and Kaleb had great fun playing with all the toys available and with the other children in her care (he took a particular fondness to Gab’s own children)

Gab provided a wide, fun range of activities like outings to the park, trips to feed the ducks, play groups and story time. I was very impressed how Gab’s children took Kaleb under their wing and treated him like one of the family and the delight that Gab got from looking after Kaleb was obvious every time I picked him up. It was comforting to know he was so loved and genuinely cared for.

Gab is a great communicator and had no trouble in gaining Kaleb’s confidence.  She completed a diary detailing what Kaleb had done each day, from this I had a complete picture of his whole day including what he had eaten to how long he had slept. This helped me to feel involved and not feel as though I was missing out on anything.

I am thoroughly happy with the level of care Kaleb received and I’m certain that being in such a positive and happy environment has helped him develop into a confident and self assured little boy.

Gab was not only a great child care educator but became a good friend, one whom I hope to stay in contact with, it was only due to the impending arrival of our 2nd child that we didn’t need care anymore.

I have no hesitation in recommending Gab as a great and reliable child care educator and if I need care again in the future will absolutely contact her first.

Kind Regards

Alisia Currie


19th Dec 2011

To whom it may concern,

Gab looked after my two year old daughter and four year old son every Monday for 1 year.

Gab offers a unique and I think amazing service.  For me it was such a relief to be able to go to work knowing that my children were with someone who genuinely cares about them.

I would not hesitate to recommend Gab's childcare to anyone.

Rachel Norton


4th March 2010

To Whom it may concern,

Gabrielle Fletcher was employed as a PORSE carer for my daughter Sabine between May 2009 and March 2010.

During this time Gabrielle has exceeded our expectations in her role as Sabine’s carer.  Her warmth, positivity, enthusiasm and sense of fun have meant that Sabine has thoroughly enjoyed her time in Gabrielle’s care and grown in confidence, gained many new skills and made new friends.

We are so glad Gabrielle to be a part of our daughters life and feel she has made a lasting contribution to our child’s development.  I would happily employ Gabrielle again and would highly recommend her to anyone else seeking a carer for their child.

Yours faithfully,

Kerrin Hunter



To Whom it may concern,

During the years from September 2009-2010 Gabrielle Fletcher was a childcare provider for our 3-½ year old son.  I had previously met Gabrielle in our community at children’s activities and had talked to her about children stuff on many occasions…and had always liked her childcare approach and ways…so was delighted to find out she was contracting with Porse.

Gabrielle offered a kind loving patient approach with many opportunities and activities for Elih to grow, learn, and become a confident happy boy………

I always felt safe and secure in leaving my son with her and trusted her good communication if I had been needed.

Overall, I would definitely recommend Gabrielle as a childcare provider for any other family in need of day care services.  With her background experience and strong abilities to connect with children, she can definitely offer everything a family would be looking for in a provider.


Eleanor Findlay



18th January 2010

To Whom it may concern,

Gabrielle looked after my son one full day per week for 7 months.

During this time it was obvious to see what a positive effect being in the Fletcher’s house hold had on my son, from the little things like putting on his shoes/clothes, to toilet training.

Each week my son was bursting with excitement to get to “Gab’s”, and trying to get him into the car to come home at the end of the day was always a struggle.  I believe that speaks for its self.

The day was always filled with fun and stimulating things to do, such as play groups, trips to the park and library even the museum and zoo!

The house is very child friendly with a lovely big flat, fully fenced section with swings, slide, climbing frame and trampoline; it really is the perfect toddler playground.

Gabrielle, being an experienced mum is always calm and caring with the kids, that goes without saying, but the thing I appreciated the most with my son was her patient encouragement in guiding him to be able to do things for himself.

I would recommend Gabrielle to anyone wanting quality, beneficial care for their child.

Warmest Regards

Rachel Norton